Red River Fishing -Grand Forks to the Canadian Border

These are photos of fish caught from the Red River from Grand Forks to the Canadian Border
Catfish, walleye, northern pike, etc...

Darrin-on his first trip catfishing, lands a 15+ just 5 minutes after we anchored!

WE didn't even have all our lines in yet....

Minutes later I caught this 13+

Same trip with Darrin....12lb 8 oz

10/11/01 6lb 4oz walleye, caught on cutbait

10/11/01 9lb 6oz northern caught the same evening-sucker for bait

10/11/01 Go Brian!

4 lb 8 oz walleye....again cutbait...same evening..

Chad LaFave with a nice 'early' season catfish