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Humor Columnist Dave Barry has just had a sewage 'lift-station' dedicated in his honor.

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caption: Awww, shucks, for me?

caption: ur ugly as hell

caption: I can't wait to get back to my room.  I need to take a Grand Forks, North Dakota. -- Caufbaugh Twilley

caption: I'm glad you put a medal around my neck, but could I have an air freshener instead?  -  Horace J. Digby

caption: Ok, but I get beer after this, right?  -  Horace J. Digby

caption: Can't you tell? I just added my contirbution to MY new Lift station. Now, GET AWAY FROM ME! I'm not finished yet... anyone have any paper?

caption: "Lift Station?"  Naw.  It's way too heavy to lift!

caption: "There's no business like show business, like no business I know!!!"

caption: This is the real Dean's Peanuts!

caption: This smells like Joe Daggy's writing in SandBagger news!

caption: All my life, all I've gotten is crap from eveybody.  I guess I'm moving up!

caption: sewage

caption: poop

caption: poop

caption: poop


caption: Wow, that smelled nice.  Thanks for the honor.

caption: girl on toilet

so bad


Poopy Dave

Hey!  It smells like my writing!

Mrs Reno, Mrs Reno ,what did happen to your glasses?

Who farted?

Scott getting his official winners  snuggie.

That lift station not only looks real but............

Who Said girls can't hunt

Who Said girls can't hunt

Who Said girls can't hunt

Who Said girls can't hunt

Who Said girls can't hunt

WOW! who farted?

Special Olympics event winner, Dave Barry

i would hate to be the guy standing behind me

What can I say, this is funnier than my writing!

whoa, is that me or just the raw sewage

Yep, you folks ARE idiots.

At least inside it was a warm stinky smell!

Don't forget to flush!

Oh boy 6 tacos! I'm going to give that new lift station a work out!

Have you guys seen what Scotts wearing


Grand Forks honors it's first Olympic gold medal winner in toilet flushing!

Yep, That's sewage!


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