Caption this picture!
Please note the writing on the side of the bus.
It says: "If you don't have GIO Third Party Property Insurance, we suggest you don't hit this bus."

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caption: stevie wonde is a very good person who inspired a lot of people
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caption: Steve says hi!
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caption: i think ican i think i can no the carf can't go under the moving bus
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caption: But the thing that really annoyed her was that the  insurance papers came through the next morning
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caption: oucth!!!!! I think i go in a wrong way, SORRY!
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caption: north dakota
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caption: On the other hand, if you DO have GIO...
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caption: stop sign?, what stop sign?
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caption: oh, the car WON'T fit on the bus...guess I didn't hear you
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caption: AND THE BUS WINS!!!
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caption: ok was the woman driving the bus or car???
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caption: Cruising for a Bruising!
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caption: Af-lac judgement
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caption: Af-lac judgement
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caption: Puff puff give man your messin up the rotation.....LOOK OUT!!!!
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caption: wonder who's wife that was!!
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I knew that insurance policy would come in handy!

DOOHHH!!!!  I didn't see the word don't.

"Better stunt than in those those stupid AFLAC commerials, don't you think?"

Damn Brakes

Man I can't read that small writing... better get a closer look.

Stevie Wonder's first and last driving lesson

OH NO, better get GIO!

Must have had GIO insurance...

Please crash car under red arrow...

testing, testing, testing 1,2,3, testing GIO

GIO better have a darn good lawyer; I paid my fare, and the was nothing that said I couldn't take my car on the bus.




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