Barnes County-North Dakota

Barnes County is located in Southeastern North Dakota. The major city is Valley City, which is spectacular when approaching from the East, after traveling for hours on Interstate 94.

Lake Ashtabula (Baldhill Dam) was formed by the 'damming' of the Sheyenne River. The Sheyenne River originates in the central North Dakota County of Sheridan and flows into the Red River of the North in the Fargo area.


Barnes County Fishing

Blumers Lake
One mile south of Valley City. Trout fishing.
Clausen Springs
Three miles north of junction of Highways 46 and 1, then 1 mile east and 1/2 mile north. Perch, largemouth bass; fishing pier, campground, recreation area, idle speed only.
Lake Ashtabula (Baldhill Dam)
Ten miles north of Valley City. Pike, perch, walleye, white bass, crappie, bluegill, smallmouth bass, bullhead; boat rentals, resorts, campgrounds.
Moon Lake - Two miles west of Valley City to Highway 1, then 5 1/2 miles south, 4 miles west and 2 miles north. Trout, smallmouth bass, catfish.
Hobart Lake- Just West of Valley City-on both sides of Interstate 94. Ice fishing for perch is popular.

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