Bowman County-North Dakota

Bowman County Fishing:

Bowman-Haley Dam
Eleven miles south, 8 miles east, and 2 miles south of Bowman. Walleye, smallmouth bass, pike, perch, bluegill; campground, dock.
Gascoyne Lake
One and one-half miles northwest of Gascoyne. Perch, bluegill, pike; campground.
Kalina Dam
Two miles west, 1 mile south, 1 mile west and 1 mile south of Bowman. Pike, perch; no ramp.
Lutz Dam
Two and one half miles south and 2 miles west of Griffin. Largemouth bass, trout.
Spring Lake
One mile south and 4 miles west of Rhame. Perch, pike; primitive camping.

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