Red River Fishing:

The Red River of the North runs the entire length of the Eastern border of the State of North Dakota and part of the Western border of Minnesota.

The Red River is one of very few rivers in the Northern hemisphere that runs North. It is famous for catfish and walleye, and trophy size channel catfish and walleye are abundant.

North Dakota fishing allows 2 lines per fisherman so that doubles your chances for a trophy!

Red River catfish, channel catfish are the major summer draw. The Red River catfish can fight like no other fish, so when you hook a Red River channel catfish, hold on!

Red River fishing offers such a wide variety of fishing conditions that you should consider it almost 3 separate rivers.

Catfishing Red River is the major draw, though, and there are several guides for guiding the Red River.  Channel Catfish are the main species.

There is also a major Catfishing Tournament in August called the "Cats Incredible" Tournament. The catfish, Red River catfish, never fail to impress.

If you are searching for catfish and walleye, the Red River is the place to go in North Dakota!

Red River catfish grow large! I personally caught several trophy catfish last year. This river is abundant with trophy fish, and I encourage a trip here.

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